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About Friends of Midcoast Maine

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Mission and Goals


“The Mission of Friends of Midcoast Maine is to help Midcoast communities plan for a vibrant and sustainable future. We are an independent resource that provides expertise in support of smart growth principles.”

Smart Growth Principles:

1. Encourage development that maintains the New England tradition of compact towns and centers separated by rural countryside.
2. Direct public funding to guarantee investment in existing schools, neighborhoods and infrastructure in compact mixed-use centers.
3. Protect and preserve the economic vitality and diversity of farmlands, forests and working waterfronts.
4. Protect the quality of our environment, open space, scenic landscapes and historic features.
5. Provide a range of housing alternatives, especially in fast growing communities.
6. Promote transportation choices that reduce auto dependency.
7. Ensure stakeholder involvement and regional collaboration in land use and transportation planning.
8. Save taxpayers money by balancing the location of growth with the availability of public utilities and services.
9. Support economic vitality by encouraging business enterprises in downtowns and villages, especially locally owned businesses.
10. Promote regional smart growth goals and strategies through coalitions linking state planning with local planning.