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Municipal Financing Tools Workshop - April 14, 2010

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning - April 2009

Midcoast Maine 2030 - Planning for our Future - Laurie Lachance - June 2008

What is a Conservation Commission? - January 30 2008

Maine Conservation Commissions - January 2008

Improving Public Participation - November 2007

Demographic Trends in the Midcoast - Fall 2007

Creating Prosperity and Quality Places - Can Newcomers and Natives Find Common Ground? - June 2007

Camden Areas Futures Group - February 2007

Damariscotta Size Cap Campaign - Jenny Mayher - June 2006

White Papers

Comments on Proposed Wiscasset Bypass - December 14 2007

Public Outreach Techniques - November 2007

The Future of Camden's Working Waterfront - August 2007

Is Your Town Farm Friendly? - August 2007

FMM Response to Brookings Institution Report - What We've Accomplished and Where We Go Next - June 2007

Camden Waterfront Stakeholder Issues - Jack Kartez - Summer 2006

Comprehensive Plan Implementation Tools - January 2006

Making a Difference Award - October 2005

Affordable Housing in Midcoast Maine - March 2005

Build Out Analysis - March 2005

Improving Public Participation for the Comprehensive Planning Process - March 2005

Patterns of Growth in the Midcoast Region - October 2003

Economic Impact of Locally Owned Businesses vs Chains - September 2003

Preserving Small Town Character and Protecting Open Space

The Sprawling Midcoast - 2002

Reference Documents

Heritage-Based Rural Development

Group Planning
Jane Lafleur, FMM Executive Director, Maine Biz March 24, 2008

Testimony in Support of an Act to Preserve Successful Historic Neighborhood Schools
Christopher Glass, President of the Board of Maine Preservation Feb 13, 2008

Protecting Local Scenic Resources
Robert F Faunce, Lincoln County Planning Office December 2007

Maine's Informed Growth Act - September 2007

Charting Maine's Future: An Action Plan for Promoting Sustainable Prosperity and Quality Places
A Brookings Institution Report commissioned by Grow Smart Maine

Big Box Store Performance Standards - June 2006
Maine DOT

Maine's Homegrown Economy - May 2006
An Institute for Local Self Reliance Report commissioned by Maine Businesses for Social Responsibility

Impact of Proposed Wal-Mart on Damariscotta - March 2006
Institute for Local Self Reliance

Multi-Community Housing Assessment - July 2005

Building Aging Sensitive Communities - December 2001

Funders Network

Transportation Planning

Gateway One Regional Meeting - Feb 7, 2008
Camden, Rockport, Northport, and Lincolnville