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Midcoast Maine Transit Study April 2014

Paying for Parking Presentation

Rockland Walk Audit Final Report

Boothbay Harbor Walkability Audit - Oct 30, 2012

The Smart Math of Mixed Use Development

Walkability Community Workshop Report

The Dollars and Sense of Preserving
Community Character

Community Building Workshops
Final Report

The Community as Expert Video
Part One of a three part series

Measuring Your Place Video
Part Two

Community Building Tools and Strategies Video
Part Three

Where the Sidewalk Begins

Designing Health Communities

Community Building
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Building Community Workshops

Improving Public Engagement

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Protecting Local Scenic Resources-
December 2007

Improving Public Participation -
November 2007

Public Outreach Techniques -
November 2007

Comprehensive Plan Implementation Tools - January 2007

Preserving Small Town Character and Protecting Open Space

Planning Assistance Provided by FMM
Does your town need assistance writing or updating your comprehensive plan, writing or improving local ordinances, or conducting visioning sessions and public forums? Do you need improved methods of listening to the public?
We help Midcoast people develop an effective voice in the protection of their natural and cultural legacy, while planning for the healthy growth of their community.  We help communities identify and save what is valued, while changing what needs to change in a way that serves us now and is sustainable for generations to come.
Our professional planning staff have the skills and experience you need to do this well.  Call 236-1077 or e-mail [email protected] for more information or to discuss your planning needs.

"Growing Together: Consensus Building, Smart Growth and Community Change"
A video of the New England Environmental Finance Center, followed by a facilitated discussion. A Must-See for all local leaders, citizens and developers! Many communities in New England and the across the country are finding the issue of “how to grow” can be an extremely divisive one.  Proposed development projects often pit town boards against developers or different community interests against each other.  Planning board meetings can turn into “the battle of the experts,” characterized by distrust and accusation.  In this atmosphere, even projects aimed at enhancing community values can have difficulty gaining support and approval.
This film provides encouragement to and guidance for communities that are experiencing these challenges.  It offers an alternative to the discord and stalemate that too often occurs over how to approach community change – an approach called consensus building.
To request a showing of this video in your community, which includes a facilitated discussion, please call 236-1077 or e-mail [email protected].